Whimsical Tarot Musings ~ Web Tarot Diary ~ Kimothy Ireland

Tarot Archetypes provide insight into our human psyche and onwards connects with soul,  in a visually numerical, no nonsense and truthful manner. These soul revelations are rarely achieved through individual’s limited thinking alone, because human ego distorts our internal dialogue and truth (intuition). When we absorb and internalise the Tarot cards visually guided tales, their language enables consciousness to connect with our subconscious. Accessing our inner realms in this way, with freedom such to patiently explore the unknown, we are assured we are on the correct path for Enlightened Spiritual Understanding, Growth, and Healing.

My little Tarot corner of musings should never be treated as a scholarly Tarot reference or authority, hopefully thought provoking, or in the very least humorous. All musings are welcome of discussion, and conversation is always encouraged. There are no ‘right or wrong’ interpretations in Tarot, and ALL dialogue must be approached with respect.

I’m not a Fortune Teller, and I have only ever enjoyed truly beneficial, and Life Improving outcomes from my practicing Tarot.


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